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2021 A.D.

2020 A.D.

November - December 2020

Outbreaks, Mass Conversions, And Living Not By Lies
Why Don't More People Become Monastics?
For Reflection: That God Is Our Only True Friend (From the Prologue from Ochrid)

September - October 2020

Message of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Coronavirus

July - August 2020

"When It's Safe" Means Never
Our Main Reason For Feeling Abandoned By God
One in Three Practicing Christians Stopped Attending Church During COVID-19
Almost Half of Practicing Christian Millennials Say Evangelism Is Wrong

May - June 2020

Spiritual Lessons From The Coronavirus
The Devil Has No More Formidable Weapon Than Despair
Trudeau government excludes churches from COVID-19 relief if they don't sign on to LGBT pledge

March - April 2020

State of the Parish: Rector's Report to the February 2020 AGM
Why Do We Have Different Bibles?
Clergy Etiquette: Addressing Clergy and Monastics in the Church

January - February 2020

Fifty Years of Mission: Where is the growth?

2019 A.D.

2018 A.D.

2017 A.D.

2016 A.D.

2015 A.D.

2014 A.D.

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2007 A.D.

2006 A.D.

November - December 2006

And Now for Something Long Overdue ...
Want to be Angelic? Here's How ...
And They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love
An Orthodox Pope Speaks on Spiritual Gifts
The Icon Corner: How-To Guide

September - October 2006

A Commitment for the Church New Year
"You" Who? Preserving Traditional Language in Church Services
Our Absurd Search: From Counsels for Life by Father Epiphanios Theodoropolous
Orthodox Life: Finding an Orthodox Spouse
The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity Consecrated in Pyongyang, North Korea

July - August 2006

My Way: The Perils of Canadian-style Religiosity
The Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul (celebrated June 29/July 12)
The Dormition of the Mother of God (celebrated August 15/28)
Spiritual Wisdom from the Church Fathers
Orthodox Life: Internet Addiction
On Obedience: (Way of the Ascetics)

May - June 2006

Looking Inward, Looking Outward
Get Out the Millstones: How stubborn attempts to "protect" Orthodoxy are losing young souls
Catechizing Teresa: Part 2
Orthodox Crosses: Symbolism Confessing Christ Crucified for Us
Sign of Cross, prayer kill microbes: Blessing changes properties of water
On Being "Saved" - Fr. John Romanides

March - April 2006

"No Thanks, Doc": Rejecting Spiritual Medicine
Catechizing Teresa: Would we catechize Benedict XVI, Thérèse of Lisieux, John Paul II, or Mother Teresa if they wished to become Orthodox?
Secularism and the Church: by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos
This Was From Me: by St. Seraphim of Viritsa
Orthodox Life: Holy Water

January - February 2006

The Nativity Icon
St. Mark of Ephesus: A True Ecumenist
Why did the Archbishop of Canterbury not become Fr Roman?
Tips on Tithing
Orthodox Life: On Taking Holy Communion

2005 A.D.

November - December 2005

St. Nicholas & the Shopping Mall: A Study in Incompatibility
Towards a Fruitful Spiritual Life: by Metropolitan Gregory of Novgorod
The Cure of the Soul from St. Gregory Palamas as an Hagiorite: by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos
Orthodox Church Seeks Virtual Saint

September - October 2005

A Pastoral Word on Halloween: by Bishop [now Archbishop] Kyrill
Halloween: Orthodoxy and Secular Culture: by Fr. John Moses
The Holy Cross: Icon of the Fullness of Our Salvation
Orthodox Life: Dress & Posture in Church
Clergy Etiquette
The Hagarenes In London
From Unseen Warfare By Saint Theophan The Recluse: On The Use Of The Senses

July - August 2005

Virtual Orthodoxy: Living A Myth
Orthodox Life: Why Bless Fruit At Transfiguration?
From The Desert Fathers
The Blessing Of Vehicles: Sanctifying Our Second Home For Safety, Salvation
From Unseen Warfare By Saint Theophan The Recluse: Aids To Success In Gaining The Habit Of Prayer
From The Discourses Of Saint Dorotheos Of Gaza

May - June 2005

On Dialogue: Sharing Love in Truth
On the Making of Saints: Stained Glass or Icons of Christ?
From Unseen Warfare by St Theophan the Recluse: On preparation for battle with the enemies in the hour of death, and the four temptations

March - April 2005

On the Transfer of Love from Self to Christ (Way of the Ascetics)
What Canadian Orthodox Must Do to Keep the Kids Orthodox
Never Answer Spam?
Excerpt from Unseen Warfare by St Theophan the Recluse
Arizona Monastery Pilgrimage Story
Icon of First Canadian Saint Finds Home in Hamilton

January - February 2005

On Eradicating the Desire for Enjoyment (Way of the Ascetics)
Use of the Jesus Prayer For Those Absent From Vigils
Evolution: A Critical Question For Orthodox Christians Today

2004 A.D.

November - December 2004

On the Denial of Self and the Cleansing of the Heart (Way of the Ascetics)
From the Gerontikon
From Saint Gregory Palamas: The Narrow Path

September - October 2004

On the Silent and Invisible Warfare (Way of the Ascetics)
Preparing for Holy Communion
The Colour(s) of Vestments
Tradition and the Spirit of the Times
From Saint Gregory Palamas

July - August 2004

On the Silent and Invisible Warfare (Way of the Ascetics)
Pilgrimage, The Mother of God, and Orthodoxy

May - June 2004

On the Silent and Invisible Warfare (Way of the Ascetics)
Jesus Christ in Ancient Orthodoxy (Blessed Father Seraphim Rose)
The DaVinci Code: A Book To Try Men's Souls (a review by John Loukidelis)
Orthodox Life: The Meaning of Icons
Summer Reading: Selected works on the Christian Fathers and Orthodox Christianity

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